Passionate Designer
Artist with a Passion for Design

As a graphic designer, I feel that there is a need for proper visual communication to be conveyed through pleasing aesthetics that acknowledge the rules of graphic design, while at the same time, challenging the limits of those rules to rise above a subject’s face value.
I chose this field through my passion for art itself. I originally began with fine art and illustration, with my love for elegant line work, gestural drawing of human figures, being able to fully grasp the concept of any subject through a simple or complex image, utilizing the elements and principles of art. However, I felt a drive to pursue the digital realm in visual communication; being able to use my art to function in society, to tell a story, and even persuade.
A few of my favorite elements of my work are the use of vivid colors and elegant lines. My abilities are versatile in terms of the final functions of a design such as print, interactive media, or branding of a company. This can be seen in my Echoes movie poster, as well as my user-friendly interactive piece, the Emergency Procedures smart phone application with accompanying poster, as well as my Enthuse gaming retail store company branding.
In the past, I used traditional fine art mediums such as ink, graphite, paint, charcoal and clay, but today, the majority of my work is all digital. However, my digital work begins with a fine art approach of sketching and rendering, followed by scanning and enhancing on the computer, and ultimately printing on fine papers.
What I like best about my work, especially work for a client, is problem solving. By doing this, I must utilize empathy; put myself in my client’s shoes and figure out what it is they want to accomplish for their own product or business. In this way, I’m shaping the look and feel of my client’s business or product. I begin a piece by understanding who my target audience is, what my client is about, and I get them to “help me help them.” After substantial research, sketches, thumbnails, mood boards, and mock-ups, a direction is created for the client to view.
My work is successful when a process is apparent in the work, and critical thinking is used. It communicates a message that’s easy to understand and makes the viewer think deeper than before.
With my work, I tend to push the envelope and see just how far across the boundaries I can go. I’m not afraid of failure. I prefer to fail, learn, then succeed.

One thought on “About

  1. Hey Alec,
    Thank you again for helping shoot my project before class. I had to leave after the workshop. Is there anyway you could email the pictures? Thank you again!

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