Chris Do//Director of Blind: Guest Speaker at CSUN

Chris Do was bold in saying, “Forget about being great.”  A desire for something can be a disease.  It was enlightening for me to hear him say on “Focus on good enough, when you get good enough, you become awesome.”

He was inspired by Woody Allen, an a renowned film director who is so humble, he originally thought his work was horrible, but was accepted as his second greatest film directed.

Learn to say fuck you to the world sometimes.  Just do something, do something and do anything.

He recommended to check out the site:

Artist psychology

There is no secret, Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, You are confined only to the walls you build yourself in. He claims that we put ourselves in a suffocating box.  We need to expand upon these walls.

Chris Do was also inspired by Tony’s book,  who owns Zappos.  It changed his life and how he perceived people.

Chris Do’s 4 guides of happiness:

•Perceive you have control

•Perceive progress  >what high you get>

•Belonging to a group: can’t do it by yourself

•Have faith and power that is greater than you

When you’re happy you can do everything. A Plan a or b mentality bring results.

When it comes to balancing private life with professional life, it can be a challenge.  Chris Do claims that there is very little difference in the level of a finished work that’s done in three months compared to a work done in three hours.  “I try to do the work in 3 hours time.”

Another inspiration: Nancy Duarte, “We all have a really good idea.  Ideas are best told in stories.”

Chris Do’s main message: Don’t worry about making it your best.  Work, put effort, be persistent, and accept good enough.

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